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Catoptric Lens" - High quality lens for laser systems. Made in our factory with precision engineering. Improve efficiency and accuracy of laser applications.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
custom as per demand
HS Code
Production Capacity
100000PCS Per Year

Product Description

General Introduction:
The mirror is used in the fiber laser system as a tail mirror or reflection mirror, and the transition mirror in the external optical path system, its substrate is usually molybdenum, melted quartz, oxygen free copper, monocrystalline silicon, etc. 

Main Applying:
Applying 1 Laser system
Applying 2 Laser marking machine,Laser engraving machine
Laser cutting machine

Main Highlights:
1).Silicon is the most commonly used substrate for mirrors. It has the advantages of low cost, strong durability and stable thermal properties.
2).Copper is usually used in high power applications due to its high thermal conductivity.
3).Molybdenum is an ideal material for various harsh physical environments because of its high surface strength. The molybdenum supplied is usually uncoated.
4).The mirror made of oxygen free copper substrate will bear extremely high laser power and can be used in industrial environment. After reasonable installation and alignment, it will provide the function of limiting diffraction focusing. Oxygen free copper mirrors have high reflectivity and a durable molybdenum coating. This makes the mirror easy to clean and adapt to harsh environment.

Main Specification:
Substrate: Silicon/Molybdenum 
Reflectivity(λ=10.6um) more than 98%
No. Substrate Dia. Edge thickness Wavelength(um)
RAY-LRM01# Silicon/Molybdenum 12 3 10.6
RAY-LRM02# Silicon/Molybdenum 18 3 10.6
RAY-LRM03# Silicon/Molybdenum 19 3 10.6
RAY-LRM04# Silicon/Molybdenum 20 3 10.6
RAY-LRM05# Silicon/Molybdenum 25 3 10.6
RAY-LRM06# Silicon/Molybdenum 25.4 3 10.6
RAY-LRM07# Silicon/Molybdenum 30 3 10.6
RAY-LRM08# Silicon/Molybdenum 38.1 5 10.6
RAY-LRM09# Silicon/Molybdenum 50.8 7 10.6
RAY-LRM09# Silicon/Molybdenum 200 15 10.6
Other size Customize      

Main Cooperation Materials Manufacturers: 

Main Export Countries & Areas: 
Usa, Uk, Japan, Germany, Spain, France, Swiss, Korea, Russia, Pakistan, India, Portugal, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Saudi Arab, Turkey, Finland, Poland ,etc.

Laser Lenses/Laser Mirror/Gold-Plated Mirror/Reflector Lens/Catoptric LensLaser Lenses/Laser Mirror/Gold-Plated Mirror/Reflector Lens/Catoptric LensLaser Lenses/Laser Mirror/Gold-Plated Mirror/Reflector Lens/Catoptric LensLaser Lenses/Laser Mirror/Gold-Plated Mirror/Reflector Lens/Catoptric Lens
Raytekoptics Extra value added services offered:
1). Optical workcraft & process solution design;
2). Rough processing raw materials;
3). Semi finishing raw materials;
4). Fabricate custom sizes and shapes;
5). Design and supply custom coatings;
6). Modify and resurface customer supplied materials;
7). Drill holes, notch glass and provide beveled substrates;
8). Precision polish optics with non-standard aspect ratios;

Payment Method: by T/T or Western Union.
Delivery time: 7-10 days.
Quality Warranty: Ruitaiphotoelectric(Raytekoptics) offers quality warranty for our optics products with "3R" policy. For any inferior-quality products, Ruitaiphotoelectric(Raytekoptics) is responsible for return, replacement and refund.

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