High Power Lens 1.74 Asp Super Hydrophobic Shmc Optical Lens Moons Ophthalmic

Get the best vision with High Power Lens 1.74 Asp Super Hydrophobic Shmc Optical Lens Moons Ophthalmic. As a factory, we provide top-quality eyewear products.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
UC, Hc, Hmc, EMI, Shmc, Super Hydrophobic
Lenses Color
Clear, White
Specific Gravity
Spherical, Aspherical
Abrasion Resistance
60mm, 65mm, 70mm, 72mm, 80mm
Abbe Value
Coating Color
Green, Blue, Gold
Power Range
Sph 0.00~-8.00, 0.00~+6.00, Cyl 0.00~-2.00
Ophtalmic Instrument
Eyeglass Frame
Polarized Lens
Glasses Lens
Polycarbonate Lens
Single Vision, Progressive
Transport Package
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

High Power Lens 1.74 Asp Super Hydrophobic Shmc Optical Lens Moons Ophthalmic
MR™ Series ~ Trademark of Safe, Clear and Lightweight Lenses ~

Excellent optical materials with high refractive index, high Abbe number, low specific gravity and high impact resistance are provided by polymerizing monomers of MR™ Series.

MR™ Series is especially suitable for ophthalmic lenses and is known as the first thiourethane based high index lens material. 
MR™ Series offers a variety of products to provide the best solution for optical lens users.

Note: MR™ Series is a brand name of the raw material for optical lenses.
          MR™ Series based lenses are available from most leading lens manufacturers.

R.I.1.74: MR-174™

High Power Lens 1.74 Asp Super Hydrophobic Shmc Optical Lens Moons Ophthalmic
  Ultra high index lens material for ultra thin lenses.

  Strong prescription lens wearers are now free from thick and          heavy lenses.
High Power Lens 1.74 Asp Super Hydrophobic Shmc Optical Lens Moons Ophthalmic

Comparison of physical properties of lenses made with MR Series™ VS Other optical materials.
  MR Series™ Other
MR-8™ MR-7™ MR-10™ MR-174™ Poly
(R.I. 1.60)
1.60 1.67 1.67 1.74 1.59 1.60 1.56 1.49/1.50 1.532
41 31 31 32 28-30 32 34-36 58 59
Heat Distortion
118 85 100 78 142-148 88-89 - 84 >450
Tintability Good Excellent Good OK None Good Good Good None
Good Good Good OK Good OK OK OK Poor
Static Load
Good Good Good OK Good Poor Poor Good Good
CR-39 is a trademark of PPG Industries,Inc.RAV7 is a trademark of ACOMON AG.
All properties are representative measurement figures obtained under specified test methods at Mitsui Chemicals,Inc. and are not guaranteed as specifications.

         Premium Lens Applications of the MR™ Series
        Single Vision / Progressive Ophthalmic Lenses
          MR™ Series has superb processability to realize desired lens design.
        Wide Color Range Sunglasses
          MR™ Series has good color tintability making it suitable for high fashion sunglasses which have special color needs.
        Photochromic Lens System
          MR™ Series has good compatibility with photochromic lens systems.
        Polarized Lens
          MR™ Series is widely used for both ophthalmic & plano polarized sunglasses.
        Sophisticated Design
          MR™ Series has good mechanical strength and stress free properties making it suitable for various unique lens designs such as "Rimless                  frame" or "High curve lens".
1.74 Hi-index Single Vision                                                                            
Wholesale eyeglass lenses high impact 1.59 blue block hmc pc polycarbonate lens blanks
          Index      1.74  
          Material      MR174
          Diameater      65/75mm
          Abbe      40
         Certification      CE/ISO9001
         Coating       HC/HMC+EMI/SHMC
         Power range       -15.00~+6.00/0.00~-4.00
         After-sale Service       Two years quality assurance
Our company mainly focus on single vision 1.49/1.56/1.59/1.6/1.67/1.74 about flat top lenses/ blue cut lenses/photochromic lenses/polarized lenses/polycarboate lenses/ultravex lenses and so on. 
All of our lenses provide Two year's warranty.
1.74 ASP Features
          Lighter weight and thinner thickness, up to 50% thinner and 35% lighter than other lenses
Higher resistance to scratches and impact
Full protection against UV rays
Easier to clean due to the water and dirt repellent surface
Amazing visual comfort and aesthetic appeal

1.74 Design                                                                                
                    Aspherical Design:                                                                  Spherical Design:
                        The aspherical design corrects the image,                                The spherical design was used to increase
                    solves the problem of distortion of the horizon,                         the aberration and deformation.
                    and makes the lens lighter, thinner and flatter.                              As a result, the image was unclear, the field
                        Moreover, it still maintains excellent impact                           was distorted, and the field of view was narrow.
                    resistance for safe wearer wear.

UV400 Protection                                                                                

The effect of UV light on our eyes and the danger of damage from UV radiation grows the more time.
We spend in the sun throughout our lives, especially two types of UV rays we should be most worried about-
UVA and UVB.
UV 400 protection means can block more than 99.9% UV rays, including UVA and UVB, protect your eyes everytime and everywhere.

Finished Lens Power Range                                                                                 
Finished 1.74  Single Vision  ASP     1.74 Blue Cut UV420  ASP  FSV
Diam Sph. Cyl.(-) Diam Sph. Cyl.(-)
70mm -6.25 ~ -10.00 0.00 ~ -4.00 70mm -6.25 ~ -10.00 0.00 ~ -4.00
75mm -1.00 ~ -6.00 0.00 ~ -4.00 75mm -1.00 ~ -6.00 0.00 ~ -4.00
65mm/70mm -10.25 ~ -13.00 0.00 ~ -2.00 65mm/70mm -10.25 ~ -13.00 0.00 ~ -2.00
-13.25 ~ -15.00
0.00 -13.25 ~ -15.00 0.00 ~ -4.00

About the Coating                                                                                             
_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ High Power Lens 1.74 Asp Super Hydrophobic Shmc Optical Lens Moons Ophthalmic

High Power Lens 1.74 Asp Super Hydrophobic Shmc Optical Lens Moons Ophthalmic
    Hard coating make the uncoated lenses are easily subjected and exposed to scratches.

    AR coating means hard&multi-coated,protect the lens effectively from reflection,enhance functional and charity of your vision.

    Super hydrophobic coating make the lens waterproof,antistatic,anti slip and oil resistance.

    Different coating with different performance, we have Uncoated(UC), hard coating(HC), AR(HMC+EMI), Blue Cut and              Mirror coating and Tintied different color with sunglasses.

    - Eliminate reflections, Increase the transmission!
    - Decreases unwanted glare, eliminating ghost image.
    - Makes the lenses appear somewhat invisible.

    - High contact angle, repel oil and water, make lenses more stain-resistant.
    - Super-cleanable.

   Anti-Static Electricity/Anti-Radiation
    - Help relieving digital eye strain.
    - Stay Clean, repels dust articles.


Adopting Mitsui Chemical's NeoContrast technology, the lens contains a blocking glare ingredient to achieve a brighter and high-     definition vision through clear colors with contrast.

It can reduce the strong sunlight in the day and the glare from roads during night driving. The front object is clearer to be seen by you when driving which secures your safety, so you can enjoy the wonderful scenery.

About the Packages                                                                                            

• Exquisite private customized packaging to meet all your requirements

High Power Lens 1.74 Asp Super Hydrophobic Shmc Optical Lens Moons Ophthalmic


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